At the center of our life as a community is the teaching of the Bible. We invite you to watch and listen to sermons from our services.

Marzymy o szczęśliwych relacjach i udanych małżeństwach, jednak czasem relacje się komplikują, a małżeństwa rozpadają. W naszej nowej serii nauczania pod tytułem TO SKOMPLIKOWANE będziemy mówili o tym jaki jest Boży pomysł na małżeństwo i co mówi Biblia na temat rozwodu i powtórnego małżeństwa, bo życie często jest skomplikowane.


Bóg jest miłością i jest też niewidzialny. Jednak ludzie mogą zobaczyć Boga i zobaczyć miłość patrząc na chrześcijan, którzy wierząc w Boga kochają, tych którzy są wokół. Ktoś powiedział, że miłości i kaszlu nie da się ukryć. Miłość zawsze widać, ponieważ wyraża się ona w działaniu.


Who is Jesus? At the beginning of his ministry, as Dr. Luke describes in the pages of his Gospel, Jesus doesn’t teach or say too much but he acts, and what he does shows us who He is and the mission he came to fulfill.

The world is full of bad news. We hear it in the media, at work, home, from doctors, politicians and even friends. It seems that today more than ever before we are in need of some good news. That’s why it’s so important to listen to the Good News of the Gospel which, even though it is over 2000 years old, can still change your life forever.

Thankfulness and generosity are often connected to each other.  Joyful people are usually thankful people. The more thankful and joyful we are, the more we want to share with others — in order that they too might share in our joy.  So, how do joy and thankfulness appear in our lives?  That’s exactly what we’d like to talk about in the series, Thankful and Generous.


There are certain meetings which change one’s life. Suddenly we begin to see the world differently. We find answers for our questions and doubts. We experience encouragement and support in tough moments. We discover we aren’t alone. If meaningful changes happen in our lives when we meet people, how much more could meaningful change happen…if we meet with Jesus?

We all love to listen to colorful stories, especially those that tell real life stories about real people. SAGA is a sermon series about David's life starting with when he became king. We particularly want to take a closer look at his family and the relationships he had with his loved ones, because the choices we make everyday affect not only us, but also those around us.
Confrontation! Some people are afraid of it and others love it. However, no matter how we perceive the confrontation, it is part of our lives and  sometimes necessary. Therefore, in order to learn wisdom in confrontation, we reach for the teachings of Jesus, which we find in the Gospel of Matthew. In the sermon on the mount, we can learn how not to run away from problems and difficult situations, but to face them in wisely.
Our worship services are not complicated in form, which does not mean that we don’t need to stop for a moment and thing about the meaning of the individual elements. This will help us experience each service at a deeper level and consciously cultivate your relationship with God and His Church.
"No man is a island, entire of itself" remarked John Donne, a British poet. However, although we live in a crowded world, many people live in loneliness. Others have some relationships, but they wonder if it wouldn’t be easier for them to be lonely islands. Our new sermon series, based on Paul’s letter to the Ephesians, shows how the fact that we believe in God, who is in three Persons, impacts our relationships with other nationalities, and our family and social relationships. Because of this letter, we discover that life is #bettertogether.
When we get stuck in our journey through life, we finally realize that we need a turning point and a new beginning because we can’t deal with the problems that we have . The turning point is Jesus Christ. His coming changed the course of world history and was the beginning of the New Era. Therefore, He alone can change the course of any person’s life and open a new chapter in his life. The turning point is ahead of us.
100Th Anniversary of Polish Independance

In today’s of many different opinions, many ideas for life and voices that demand our attention, we are faced with the question: Whom do you listen to? The story of Elijah, one of the ancient Israeli prophets, will help us not only to understand who to listen to and how to listen in order to hear, but also how to speak so that others can hear.


We do not go to the Church only on Sunday, but we are the church throughout a whole week. In his Letter to Titus, the Apostle Paul reminds us of our task and of what the Church looks like when it’s growing toward maturity. So what does it mean to be a church 24/7 – 24 hours a day, seven days a week?

An invitation that changes everything

Some invitations change everything. That is the invitation that Jesus addresses to each of us, that we follow in his footsteps and follow him. However, this invitation does not end with us, but we are also to invite others to a relationship with Christ. So what can we do to be people who not only change themselves in response to the invitation of Jesus but also invite others?

Really Live

People dream about living a full life and search for it in various places. However, if you want to really live, then you must discover that it is possible only when you build a healthy relationship with God and people, both those close to us and those further away. So, what should we do to really live?

#Why me?

In life, we go through various experiences and experience different emotions. Sometimes it seems to us that nobody understands us because we are the only ones who struggle with them. Sometimes, we also ask ourselves the question ‘Why me?’. However, when we reach for the Bible, we can see our struggles from a different perspective. What’s more, we discover that our experiences are nothing new because many people have passed through them and many Christians go through them now – we are not alone. Easter Sunday


When Jesus taught, he would often tell simple stories, called parables. They resemble IMAGES of everyday life. However, when the listeners looked at them closely, the IMAGES became MIRRORs in which they could see their own faces. And when they continued to look at them, the MIRRORS became WINDOWS through which they could look at life from a completely new perspective, because in these stories, somewhere IN BETWEEN THE LINES, there are important lessons about God and life.


In life, it is easy to fall into apathy and stop expecting positive changes. However, in life with God there is always MORE, and because of Him we can discover that there is more than what is here and now, more in our relationship with Him and with people, and we always have more to give ourselves. So if you want a life in which HE IS MORE, you can not miss this series of sermons.


The coming of Jesus into the world is the most important event in history. Reading his story, we discover that he came into the world of very ordinary people. His ancestors had complicated stories. His birth turned his family’s life upside down, caught the attention of foreign thinkers and terrified the local authorities. The world of Jesus, though distant, is not so different from our own.


The 500th Anniversary of the Reformation is an excellent opportunity to remind ourselves of the biblical foundations that are the foundation of the evangelical church. In discovering them anew, we will go to the Letter to the Romans, which was not only an inspiration for the Reformation but also answers the most important question: How can a person be saved?


We want gratitude to become our lifestyle in our everyday life. That is why we value occasions when we can take a moment to notice how much we receive from God and thank Him for it. This year, during our celebration, we hosted the Bishop of the Christian Church of Poland, pastor Andrzej Bajeński.


Life is changing, and we’re facing new challenges, and some of them seem to overwhelm us. In order to better face these challenges, we can go to the Book of Joshua, which tells how the Israelites, though they did not feel prepared for it, had to enter their desired Promised Land. It turns out that when we go forward, the most important thing is who we go with and who we listen to.


If life is like a journey, then during this life, we go through various stages. It all starts with choosing a life path. Some travel alone along these roads and others in a duet. At some point, children appear, and we become parents. Then we find ourselves on some crossroad in our lives, until finally, we have to face the last straightaway, that is, old age and death. So how do you travel through life, so you do not get lost? Is it really  …to be continued?


Miracles have fascinated and attracted attention for centuries- regardless of whether they were wonders of architecture, nature or supernatural phenomena. Reading the Gospel of John, we discover that John telling the story of Jesus focuses on the seven miracles that show who Jesus really is. These miracles surpass all the others we know because they are out of this world and their effects reach into eternity.


The events of Easter would not have occurred if it were not for a group of villains. Sometimes, however, when we get to know these figures closer, we discover that their attitudes towards Jesus can also be observed today. The longer we look at them, suddenly we start to see in them, like in a mirror, our own faces. Are you ready for it? If so, we invite you to travel with us through the last chapters of the Gospel of John.


What can be dangerous about prayer? If prayer is a conversation with God, some of these conversations can change more than you expect. When you say to God, who are you, Lord, examine me. Speak to me, Lord, and let Your will be done – God treats these prayers seriously and begins to change your life. Do you dare to have such a conversation with God?

TO MY – It's Us

If you want to know more about who we are as TOMY Christian Church, what is important to us, where we are going and what kind of church we want to become, then you can not miss the TO MY series of sermons. This is a great opportunity to get to know us.